Mark Miller-Lead Vocals

Mark Miller is a singer songwriter that enjoys older country as well as 90s country. According to him there is no other decade of country music that will come close to the melodies and tones of steel guitar and fiddles that you hear in the 90s. Mark started singing at a very young age in the church. He sang in the church’s choir and youth choir. He got his first taste of performing in front of people outside of the church at talent shows in his elementary school days. Mark continued singing in talent shows throughout high school.

Mark picked up the acoustic guitar when he was 13 and taught himself how to play. Mark started his musical journey around town at the age of 19 playing in local restaurants and sports bars and moose lodges. After a couple years he was able to put together a band of his own, and start playing at the local honkytonks across southern Arizona. Mark has written some music of his own and in August of 2020 he released his very first single “Run Away With Me”.

His musical influences are Garth Brooks, Brooks and Dunn, Vince Gil, George Strait, Tim McGraw, Luke Combs, and Cody Johnson just to name a few. His network consists of ties to George Strait, Reba McEntire and Cody Johnson, awaiting for the right place at the right time.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys playing golf, working on vehicles, handyman services, camping, hunting, fishing, and boating.

Dan Hawk- Lead Guitar

Dan has played guitar for most of his life. As a 2 year old- he always had a guitar of some sort in his hands and that never changed. Dan started playing in church at the age of 11 and semi-professionally at 19. He has played pretty much any style of music imaginable- from Tejano, Jazz, Rock, Blues and Country. He has toured much of the USA.

His heaviest musical influences are Al DiMeola, Brent Mason, Larry Carlton, Warren Haines and Lee Ritenour. His hobbies include golf, cars, drone photography, his grandchildren and music.

Dan helped form the Mark Miller Band in 2018 while in several other Tucson bands. In 2019 he went full time with Mark. He also owns a graphic design and marketing firm based in Tucson and is the Senior Art Director for PSE Archery.

Steve Fosdick- Drums

Steve started drumming when his parents mistakingly bought a starter kit for him. There were many music influences while growing up ranging from classical to early rock. His sister was a musician during the 70’s rock era playing guitar and bass and his father, a mathematician, who related to the math/classical music connection. Steve was part of a jazz ensemble during high school and began his band career playing for a blues band out of Minneapolis in the early 90’s playing covers by Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton among others. From there, various 60’s,70’s and 80’s rock cover bands along with a passion for alternative rock music such as The Cars and Police.

A tennis professional for 35 years, Steve continues to teach and is married to Lisa and they have a 21 year old son.

Steve joined the Mark Miller Band in September of 2020 after moving to Tucson and although country music was not part of his early influence he has grown to enjoy playing the 90’s and various current country tunes. His zest for country music continues to expand and some might say he’s gone country!